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Dr. Daneen Jabbour with her family: husband-Fred & children Joseph and Emily.

Growing up on the prairie…

Born and raised in Willow Lake, South Dakota the daughter of a farmer. To us city slickers growing up on a farm just meant that we missed out on a lot of things. To Daneen it meant sitting on Grandpa’s tailgate as he drove through the lumpy pasture so she could feed the cows by hand. It meant racing your sisters down the dirt and gravel road to Grandma’s house to gobble down some of those delicious sugar cookies after school. It meant riding along with dad on the tractor as he plowed, planted, cultivated and combined from dawn till dusk. Daneen is grateful for her upbringing, growing up in a loving family that treasured all the values that made our country great. The farm is such a wonderful, safe place to grow up and spend your childhood.

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Midwest values…

The one thing that sticks out about Daneen is that she is motivated to help people. This is what drives her to work long hours and make personal sacrifices. Growing up in a small town you learn to depend on others for help and to be helpful to others. When you’re from a very small town you definitely rely on one another for things. When a neighbor gets sick and can’t get into the field to harvest their crops, you show up with your combine and help. When the neighbor’s cow has broken out of the pasture and is grazing in your field, you go tell them and often work together to mend the fence. If someone breaks down on the side of the road, you don’t think twice about stopping to help.  Helping people is a way of life on the farm and this is Daneen’s defining characteristic. 

The consummate professional…

Daneen graduated with her bachelor’s degree from South Dakota State University and moved to Ohio in 1994 to obtain her master’s degree in Audiology from Kent State University.  She worked in both government and private practice before obtaining her Doctorate degree and starting her own private practice in 2003.  Her entire career she has earned the respect of the various physicians and patients that she has worked with and alongside.  She is very proud of the fact that not only do other physicians trust her with their patients, but many also send their family to see her.  She works very hard to provide patients with the best possible care utilizing the latest advances in testing and treatment options.

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Compassionate care…

Dr. Jabbour’s passion for hearing came from her personal experience with her father Gary. He lost his hearing as a young man due to the measles.  His hearing loss became deafness shortly thereafter. Gary’s only treatment was to have a cochlear implant placed and re-learn how to hear. Growing up with a father with a hearing impairment gave Daneen the passion to help people hear better. Having first-hand experience has given her great perspective in dealing with the effects of hearing loss not only on the person with the hearing loss, but also the people around them. Helping people hear their best not only gives the individual a better quality of life but helps to strengthen the relationships in the entire family.

The right treatment options…

There is no “one size fits all” treatment for your hearing loss. We all have different motivations for wanting to hear our best and Dr. Jabbour has the experience matching the correct treatment option to your needs. Hearing your best is a journey that you will be on for the rest of your life and Dr. Jabbour’s commitment is to take the journey with you.  As your hearing changes and technology advances she will be able to continually monitor and make adjustments to your treatment in order to maximize your ability to hear.  One thing is for sure, you are not alone!

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